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We meet at Millennium Point in Birmingham's Eastside and we follow the standard school year, with terms beginning in January (Spring), April (Summer) and September (Autumn).


Membership is open to any 7-21 year olds. New members can join at the start of any term, but  it is a good idea to book as early as possible to qualify for an early booking discount and to guarantee your place. We do not audition for our places, everyone is welcome!




Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? By Claire Dowie


Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th April 2014

7.30pm (& Saturday Matinee at 2pm)

The Crescent Theatre, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B16 8AE

£10 (The Crescent will add a 50p booking fee)
www.crescent-theatre.co.uk or 021 643 5858


Summer 2014 - Book now!

Autumn 2011

Sat 26th April - Saturday 12th July 2014 

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Claire Dowie is the supreme advocate of rebellion. She debunks conformity, non-conformity or almost anything which can be debunked.

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